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“The Ruling Class” - The Goodman Theatre – Chicago “…..Connie Cooper also gets an opportunity to swagger amusingly, as, Grace, the rough hewn lady chosen to be the mother of the Earl’s child, making the most of a semi- strip tease scene on her wedding night.” -----Chicago Tribune, 3/7/1972
“Boss”- Forum Theatre - Summit, IL (Chicago) “Dick O’Neill plays the lead role of Mayor Daley…….and some tidy performances from Connie Cooper in several roles………”Chicago Sun Times, 5/25/1973
“Zorba” - Cabaret Theatre – Houston “…Connie Cooper, who played “Linda Lou” in the Houston company of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, has the role of the Chorus Leader, who comments upon the action and leads the chorus in songs reflecting the characters’ inner thoughts, or even the philosophy behind certain events... “ Houston Chronicle, 5/18/1980
“….. and the Greek Chorus Leader , well played by Connie Cooper.” - Houston Chronicle, 5/21/1980
“....Jeremy H. Laurents’ vocals are, along with Chorus Leader Connie Cooper, technically the best in the show.. “ - Houston Post, 5/23/1980
“I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking It On the Road” - Dean Goss Theatre - Houston “On stage every minute, Connie Cooper with the wild champagne-colored locks and the glistening eyes and the expressive voice, handles that bitter-sweet lady very well….” - Houston Chronicle, 10/23/1980
“The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - Drury Lane - Oakbrook, IL (Chicago)Connie Cooper, as Miss Mona, has just the right touch of tacky toughness and country class, and she sings her songs with both a loveliness and a sweet dramatic conviction.” ---- Chicago Tribune, 1/5/1986
“Connie Cooper, a Downers Grove resident, is making her return to the stage after a 4-year hiatus living abroad….As Miss Mona, she treads her character’s fine line between “lady”and “madam” with honesty…….. warm and compassionate, but with an eye to “business” at the same time…..Her voice is right for the role. She had 13 months of playing 2 different roles in the Houston production, so her expertise can produce the perfect nuance for each situation.” --------Downers Grove Reporter, IL 1/15/1986
“.....Connie Cooper , Big leap from nun to madam. Her last role was that of a nun (in “Nunsense”)….. Meeting Edna Milton (the real-life madam) gave her a greater understanding of how to portray a believable madam” - Chicago Sun Times , 1/15/1986
“Woman in Mind” - Stages Theatre - Houston - “….. Ayckbourn's many local fans should relish Stages Repertory Theater's professional Houston premiere of Woman in Mind “…..In the challenging role of Susan, Connie Cooper is persuasive and sympathetic. Often bitterly sarcastic with her real family, she blooms in the company of her fantasy family. As reality and fantasy blur, Cooper makes Susan's disorientation and bewilderment palpable”...Houston Chronicle, 10/23/1991
“Jane Eyre” - Stages Theatre - Houston "….. musical remains true to book . “Stages' musicalized Jane Eyre commands respect….... Connie Cooper registers strongly as the proud Mrs. Reed.” - Houston Chronicle, 2/11/1992
“Nunsense” - Strand Street Theatre – Galveston, TX “Make it a habit ……...Robin Lusby, Diane Tobola, Connie Cooper , Linda Ewing and Colleen O'Kit are featured in the Strand Street Theater's production of "Nunsense," Dan Goggin's zany revue about nuns putting on a talent show.” Houston Chronicle, 6/12/1992
“Music from Down the Hill”- Alley Theatre (Stages Production) – Houston “....One criterion for judging a two-character play is whether it makes a worthy vehicle for its actors. By that measure, "Music From Down the Hill" must be rated a success….. Connie Cooper brings commanding presence and tightly focused energy to Margot's varied emotions. The two women play off each other well . Alissa Alban with her scattershot energy, Cooper with her concentrated intensity. Their strong teamwork provides sufficient reason for attending..” - Houston Chronicle, 11/9/1992
“Starkweather: Murder in the Heartland”- ABC TV “.... Connie Cooper is in Dallas this month filming an ABC movie, "Starkweather" she plays opposite two wonderful actors, Brian Dennehy and Randy Quaid. In November Connie starred at the Alley in a new two-woman play, “Music From Down the Hill." - Houston Chronicle, 2/10/1993
“Pointman” - FOX TV “….TV movie Pointman, starring Jack Scalia ……. among others who are in the cast are Blue Deckert, Connie Cooper and Brady Coleman.” Houston Chronicle, 12/19/1993
“Jeffrey” - Stages Theatre – Houston "… Paul Rudnick's 1993 off-Broadway hit. Likely the funniest play Houston audiences will see all season…..The fourth member of the multicharacter crew, Connie Cooper , supplies grand fun as an effusive socialite, a smug self-help guru and the lone female member of the sexual-compulsives' club. Cooper is a comic extravaganza all by herself .” _ Houston Chronicle, 2/21/1994

“Keyboard Skills” - Stages Theatre – Houston..`Keyboard' a stroke of comedy’…... Connie Cooper captures the pain and disdain of the long-suffering Caroline. Despite her moments of empathy, her chilly, capable manner indicates that this lady has had enough of playing the doormat. When Cooper gets a showy setpiece, such as Caroline's speech describing the ideal wardrobe for a politican's wife, she delivers it smashingly.” - Houston Chronicle, 4/3/1995

“Tango” - Stages Theatre – Houston Mrozek's “Tango”.. may be regarded as avant-garde. It remains intriguing and often amusing, yet also difficult to realize onstage…...Connie Cooper instills comic energy in Eleanor, the worldly mother, whether in shrewish or distracted modes.” -Houston Chronicle, 10/28/1996

“Dog Opera” - Stages Theatre – HoustonEqually fine are Connie Cooper as Madeline's obstreperous mother and Bill Hardy as Peter's gamely accepting father. This versatile pair do spectacularly well in their other multiple roles, particularly their respective turns as a tough transvestite and an outraged employee at the C&W bar.” - Houston Chronicle, 4/7/1997

“Hope” - Cable (TNT) “Goldie Hawn, has been spotted around town. She'll make her behind-the-camera debut directing “Hope”…...Pastorini & Bosby are smiling a lot because nine of their clients were cast in it, including Alex Morris; Alissa Alban; Connie Cooper” - Houston Chronicle, 5/21/1997

“A Face to Kill For” - Cable (USA Network) “Pastorini-Bosby talent agency ….. 10 of their actors have gotten roles in the USA Network's movie of the week, ``A Face to Kill For',' which has been shooting in and around Houston. Bonnie Gallup and Vanessa Paul both snagged supporting roles. Others in the ``Makeover'' cast are Jenny Pichanick, Charles Sanders, Melanie Haynes, Eileen Morris, Alex Morris, Deidre Miller, Brady Coleman and Connie Cooper.” - Houston Chronicle, 9/11/1998

“Dying Gaul” - Stages Theatre – Houston….Connie Cooper gives a strong performance in the trickiest and most volatile role of Elaine, the betrayed wife who finds an unusual means . . . well, either of revenge or of connecting with her husband's emotional life. Cooper is potent even though the character's motivations often are enigmatic (even to herself, as she admits at one point).” - Houston Chronicle, 10/18/1999

“Anton in Show Business” - Stages Theatre – Houston “….showcases one of the best casts assembled on a Houston stage in recent memory…...Connie Cooper shines as the self-dramatizing company chief Kate, also solid as the actor who becomes Holly's prey.” - Houston Chronicle, 9/11/2000

“Company” - Stages Theatre – Houston….spirited yet thoughtful production of “Company”…Connie Cooper brings heaps of attitude and acerbic edge to worldly Joanne,scoring with her devastating The Ladies Who Lunch.” - Houston Chronicle, 11/27/2001

Laramie Project” - Stages Theatre – HoustonThe uniformly excellent cast brings conviction and nobility to this challenging material. They are Connie Cooper , Kelli Cousins, Rutherford Cravens, Kara Greenberg, Ann C. James, Daniel Magill, Drake Simpson and Corby Sullivan. All versatile, all acting with both subtlety and feeling, each has searing, shining standout moments in the array of varied cameos.” - Houston Chronicle, 1/21/2002

Speaking in Tongues” – Stages Theatre - Houston “… Connie Cooper is an unabashed tease as the first act’s Sonja, but it’s in her second-act role as Valerie that she really shines. Cool and controlling in running her session, she turns pitiable in her helplessness and hysteria when thrown into situations she cannot control.” - Houston Chronicle, 5/5/2003

Friday Night Lights” - Universal Studios - … “In addition to Gaines and Miles, the movie focuses tightly on several others, notably Mike Winchell (Lucas Black), the insecure quarterback with a chronically ill mother(Connie Cooper), and Don Billingsley (Garrett Hedlund), a tailback with an abusive, alcoholic father well-played by country singer Tim McGraw.”-Houston Chronicle, 10/8/2004

“Nickel & Dimed” – Stages Theatre - Houston - …“Connie Cooper gives the production a strong center with her convincing, multifaceted Barbara. She conveys the crusader's social consciousness, her ironic humor, her commitment, her firebrand side — and yes, her occasional obnoxiousness. But you can't ignore her or her message.” -Houston Chronicle, 5/30/2006